About Us

Nampet is a website that provides users with tutorials on how to root their Android devices. Rooting is the process of gaining administrative access to a device’s operating system, which allows users to modify the software and make changes that would otherwise not be possible.

By following the tutorials provided on Nampet , users can learn how to unlock the bootloader of their device, which is a necessary step in the rooting process. This allows users to install custom firmware, such as a custom recovery, which is an alternative to the stock recovery that comes with the device.

One popular custom recovery is TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project), which allows users to perform a number of advanced tasks, such as backing up and restoring the device’s firmware, installing custom ROMs, and more. Nampet provides tutorials on how to install TWRP on a variety of Android devices.

In addition to rooting and installing custom recoveries, Nampet also provides tutorials on other modifications users can make to their devices, such as installing the Google Camera (GCam) app, which provides advanced camera features not found in the stock camera app.

Overall, Nampet is a useful resource for users who want to customize their Android devices beyond what is possible with the stock firmware. The tutorials and guides provided on the website can help users to gain more control over their devices and make the most of their Android experience.